Gatherin' Meetings

These "gatherin's" (picking & singing) are for the entire family. There is good company, plenty of singing, playing, and listening to various types of traditional and contemporary folk music. It is an opportunity to share your songs, learn new ones, and enjoy the company of others who enjoy a wide range of folk music.
Meetings (mostly sing-arounds for all levels of experience; there is a room for instrumentalists) are 1 to 4PM, on the 2nd Sunday of the month (October thru May). New folks are always welcome.

other activities

In addtion to monthly PSG meetings, there are many other get-togethers, like the Annual GottaGetGon festival & the Last Gasp. We usually have several pub sings. A group of PSG folk sing at other affairs: chowderfest & Altamont fair, Dance Flurry & Old Songs festival. In addition there are subgroups that meet in homes for pickin' & Singin'. There is a weekly "do wop" hosted by one of our members. House concerts come and go.


A few photos below to give you some of the flavor of the "gatherin'" and other get-togethers.

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