A Pickin' & Singin'


at Caffe Lena January 4, 2004

We had a grand time - See the photos, linked below.
This page is a "work in progress,"  14-jan-04
- Howie 

Below are links to lots of photos so that  you can ...
The bands played and the singers sang:

who knows when I'll finish this
The solidarity Singers had a command performance in Wash DC this day. The pages that follow are OK but may need some tweeks, let me know.

Here's a rogues gallery of the usual suspects  - Good Folks frequently seen at our gatherings.
  (Lots of photos so it may take a while to load over a dial-up line; be patient, its worth it)

We honored the memory of 2 stalwarts of PSG who passed away at the end of 2003

Linda Crump Stenberg
Pete Spoor with Phil
Linda Crump Stenberg,
Dave's sister

Pete Spoor,
Phil's father

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DRAFT   14-Jan-04.