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The GottaGetGon is more a modest sized gathering of folk music loving friends than a bigger festival of strangers.  There is always something to do but you don't feel cramped. The Pickin' & Singin' Gatherin' (PSG) has sponsored the GottaGetGon festival since 1970 starting as a members-only affair.  Years later it was opened to the general music loving public but has still retained its small friendly, non-commercial, atmosphere.  Folks are encouraged to join PSG to be more intimately involved in the musical / social activities, but many non-members join us on a regular (or irregular) basis at GGG;  of course they probably miss house parties, concerts and the members-only affair over labor day weekend - "The Last Gasp".

The photos in this gallery cover a broad part of the activities, many but far from all, and are arranged in roughly chronological order. You''ll see professionals performing in concerts & leading workshops, as well as joining in the casual activities just like paying members and the public.
Many of the photos show the general flavor of GGG - though each person has a somewhat different perspective, due in part to the minimal structure; one learns to create a personal structure at GGG :-)   The photos are better understood in context (ie. you had to be there) like seeing Bill Spence and Dave Crump exchanging a seemingly unending series of verses to some old song first learned at summer camp or elementary school and extended with the silliness & sophistication of advancing age and sense of whimsy.

I hope you enjoy these photos.  - Howie

Paraphrase of comments of a recent performer:
  At GGG, and PSG in general, it's not pretentious and competitive;  it's said to be a place where love rules instead of fear.
While we may not be quite that good - the direction is right. - ed.

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