Benefit / Open-Mic   for   Cathy (Clarke) Silver
7-Dec-04 NEWS

Cathy is home and the doctor says that if she follows the rules he's 95% sure she will be close to good as new in about 6 months.
(just in time for GGG -ed)

What a great evening of visiting, music and love for Cathy!   It took all of us to make it happen and it was just right.  Fifty of you showed  up Friday night  and sang, told stories, visited, cheered and waved to Cathy on Howie's videotape, helped us set up, brought FOOD,  helped clean up, kept the beverages going  and shared yourselves with Cathy and all of us.  We collected $3775  Friday night and I know  many of you who couldn't come to the benefit,  sent  contributions and cards also - She said mail is pouring in on them!
   Cathy is home with a hospital bed - although she can get up into a wheelchair and today spent most of the day sitting up.  She came  home early so she could be home with Michael and keep his school schedule  as routine as possible.   She is still on mega drugs for pain-  has a long painful road ahead of her - she will not be allowed  to put any weight on her left leg for at least 3 months.    Greg, Rosalie and her  sister Jude are all helping her this week.
Keep your thoughts with Cathy and with Greg and Rosalie - they are the sandwich generation - Before  Cathy's accident, they had been  trying to keep regular weekly visits to Christine in a nursing home in Boston.   Send love.
 - Sue Crump

  The benefit was quite sucessfull: lots of folks, good food, good cheer, good music, collected about $3,500.
See photos below.

28-nov-04  The invitation ...

Cathy (Clarke) SilverAs you know, Greg and Rosalie Clarke’s daughter Cathy Silver was in a bad car accident last week. Her left femur was shattered and she is missing about 4" of bone just above the knee.  She lost a lot of blood and is bruised all over. She has had surgery on her leg and is in traction.

Here is the catch. Cathy is now a single mother, underinsured and unemployed. She is also now unable to drive for at least 3 months. She will be in rehab for some time and is in desperate need of financial support.


Here is where you come in.  We are going to have a party/participatory concert to benefit Cathy at Caffè Lena’s this Friday Dec. 3rd at 7:00 p.m.
As I understand it it will be rather like an open mic.  Bring your talent and/or support. Bring a few bucks for Cathy.

Caffè Lena is donating the use of the space, on a weekend night!

Being a musically talentless guy I thought my contribution could be to look-up some good songs as suggestions, and hope that some stalwart would lead us in singing, or sing themselves.

Here's are some songs with links to the lyrics and some tunes:
(songs of friendship - at digital tradition)

You can send mail to Cathy at:
Cathy Silver
P.O. Box 129,
6 West High Street,
Ashley Ohio, 43003

For further information contact Sue Crump

Dec 3, 2004,  Benefit at Caffe Lena  - Photos
 ...and a good time was had by all.  (We hear Cathy was on drugs in a far off land.)
dave bob
Howard Steve
Jack, Mary, Connie
Tina, Sam
Dave, Pete
bev do wop
billy Jack Kilrain
performers sign up 
Linda Shrade1
Photos by Howie
Sorry if I didn't get pictures of everyone.  This is just a sample of the great folks that "gathered" to lend support to Cathy.

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