1st Wed Sing Moved in Nov. 2017

Singers wanted! Dancers too!

When: Next Wednesday November 1st
Time: From 6-7 Food, From 7-10:30 Singing, From 7-9 Dance Practice
Where: Chrome Food and Spirits, 405 Hudson River Road, Waterford. Website: http://goin2chrome.com/wp/

No Professor Java's Sing November 1ST.

On Wednesday, November 1st there will be a pub sing and Morris practice at Chrome Food and Spirits. This is a one-time event in November and won't be repeated for about a year if at all. Dancers will be in a large room with a dancing floor. Singers will be two rooms away in the front room at a long table in the same room as the bar. (A quiet bar, they promise.) If you haven't seen Morris dancing, this is your chance. It's a great activity that often involves a good deal of singing. The only dancing that pub singers usually do is when they are waiting in line at the rest rooms after too many beers. It should be a unique and fun time for all.

Singers will gather, dine, and socialize from 6 PM. Singing will start at 7 or earlier and may continue past 10, depending on the Morris dancers who join us after their practice.

The Pokingbrook Morris Dancers will rehearse from 7 to 9 PM as usual with post-rehearsal food, drink and fraternization on-site for all who will.

405 Hudson River Road
Waterford, NY 12188

Chrome Food and Spirits is located between Waterford and Mechanicville on Routes 4 & 32 in the old Costanzo's Restaurant. The venue is newly rebuilt and perfect for both singing and dancing. If you are familiar with the Angry Penguin venue, then Chrome is about 10 minutes further drive up Routes 4 & 32 going north. It is just past the scary chemical plant that looks like Goldfinger's lair. Chrome Food and Spirits is a low gray building on the right (going north) with endless parking.

Call Paul at 518-669-0884 if you have questions about the place or the singing part of the event. Fred the Squire will answer dancer's questions about the practice.

Website with accurate pictures and a menu:

Food: Burgers, pizza, and pub grub.

Time: Dine and Socialize at 6. Sing by 7. Go home happy sometime during the evening.

Best regards,
Paul and Fred

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