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Dear Pickers and Singers,

As I'm sure many of you will know, Deb Cowan has been running a campaign on my behalf to sell copies of the CD we made together last year, for my benefit, while I'm laid up waiting for surgery for a new hip replacement. I broke my hip during the Marlboro Morris Ale last Memorial Day weekend - that's what I got for missing the Gottagetgon - and it seemed at first that it hadn't settled properly, and eventually that I needed revision surgery.
Tests before that showed that there also seemed to be an infection. So the operation I had in January was to put in a temporary hip (which I've been unable to put more than minimal weight on) and embark on a six-week course of IV antibiotics before the "final" surgery.

Deb told me that members of the PSG contributed greatly on my behalf, often sending more than the price of the CD, and in many cases simply sending a donation. I am moved by your generosity. Debra recently came over to visit, and presented me with a check for $2200.
Thank you for your part in this, all you wonderful people.

I'm almost through with the antibiotics (they end on Monday). Then I have a week to prepare for surgery, particularly to get the blood thinners out of my system (I get Heparin regularly to prevent clotting in the IV catheter). I'll be back to Ellis Hospital for what I hope will be the final surgery, on March 15. It should be just a 2-3 day stay,then I can start working on rebuilding my strength and stamina for a return to the world.

My aim is to be fit enough to do the Old Songs concert that Debra and I have had booked for a long time. This will be on Friday, May 13. I hope to see some of you there, and many more at the Old Songs festival in June.

Thank you all for your help, and fingers crossed, ouch wood, for the surgery. And may the Ides of March and Friday the 13th bring good luck rather than bad.

John Roberts

Posted on 4 Mar 2016, 12:00 - Category: Something
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