GottGetGon 2017

Spring is here - Time for the GottaGetGon 2017.

PLEASE bring friends - keep the music alive.

Schedule at:


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I've been getting lost in podcast rabbit holes lately. One I heard yesterday talked about how much happier and less stressed people become when they spend time with their friends new and old. Festivals... where you find singing, dancing, laughing, and other forms of playing... have been going on through the ages because that's where people can recharge and restore their well-being. So, join us!

You can find the formal GGG schedule at the Pickin' Singin' Gatherin' website. If you want to talk about where, what, and when: give me a call at 669-0884. If you come for the informal a cappella singing, cycle by Greg Clarke's camp (ask anyone for directions) from time to time, but especially at dusk. Sunday night is the formal a cappella sing.

Lastly, I've moved the Purple Pub sing from June 1 to June 15. I'll move the first-Wednesday sing near in time to Last Gasp too.


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GottaGetGon 2014

It's time -- Memorial Day Weekend Saratoga County NY Fairgrounds

"Gotta Get Gon' to the country for a weekend of music and fun."
Come join in the fun. Bring an instrument if you play one. Bring your dancing feet and singing voice or just your warm body. A low folding chair and a sweater for mornings and evening would be a good idea.

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GGG tickets

You can get tickets to GottaGetGon on-line until May15, 2014

Do it now.

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GottaGetGon 2013

It's here

Invite some friends for our annual get-together.

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