GASP 2016

The Last Gasp! (annual event)
at Camp Brookledge, Middle Grove, NY 12850
A chance for PSG members and guests to get away and make music, hike, sing, or hang out with old friends, and/or make new ones.

Labor day weekend Sept 1-5 2016

Members and Guests only.
Contact Bruce Pomeroy about Dues :-)

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Purple Pub -singing

Singers Wanted!

Wednesday July 6th: Dinner at the Purple Pub and a cappella singing from 6 to 9:45. We will start the singing probably before 7. Note: the Purple Pub is very busy in the summer months, so let's help out the Greg and Drew by keeping the songs family friendly until our end of the dining room empties of random patrons, leaving just our fans.

Questions? Call 669-0884 to reach me.

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sings at the Angry Penguin

The following list has the correct dates for future pub sings at the Angry Penguin. The list I sent out earlier had the wrong date for August.
- July 23rd
-- Aug. 13th
-- Sept. 17th
-- Oct. 22nd
-- Nov. 19th
-- Dec. 10th


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canceling June 1 Pub Sing


I hope you were one of the singers at the GGG Sunday night. The sing was excellent.

We are rescheduling the Purple Pub Sing and cancelling June 1. I'll let you know if our publican has another date for us.
update: We will sing on June 22nd (6:00-9:45).


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I've been getting lost in podcast rabbit holes lately. One I heard yesterday talked about how much happier and less stressed people become when they spend time with their friends new and old. Festivals... where you find singing, dancing, laughing, and other forms of playing... have been going on through the ages because that's where people can recharge and restore their well-being. So, join us!

You can find the formal GGG schedule at the Pickin' Singin' Gatherin' website. If you want to talk about where, what, and when: give me a call at 669-0884. If you come for the informal a cappella singing, cycle by Greg Clarke's camp (ask anyone for directions) from time to time, but especially at dusk. Sunday night is the formal a cappella sing.

Lastly, I've moved the Purple Pub sing from June 1 to June 15. I'll move the first-Wednesday sing near in time to Last Gasp too.


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