GGG 2011  -

"the GottaGetGon"

- Preview version, come back later for updates

You are invited to "A Friendly, informal folk festival packed with good music both on stage and off."
Memorial Day Weekend (end of May) 2011 at the Saratoga County Fairgrounds, Ballston Spa, New York.

All events are held in covered buildings so rain is never a problem; no smoking please.  
 Pre-registration: call Bruce Pomeroy 518/355-7330 or Howie Eskin  518/882-6809  - (optional-discount) advance admission form (pdf). (needs acrobat) Discount before early-mid May.
 The Public is welcome. Kids under 18 are free with paying adult. Early registration discount is available.

You don't have to be a member of PSG.  Tickets are also available at the gate. Prices below

This is subject to change - check back later for 2011 Schedule changes.   Last update 5-May-11 - howie
GGG_31 PSG Festival
Gotta Get Gon . . .  1) a community that comes together for music and fun on one magical weekend each year.   2) a folk festival with an old fashioned small town atmosphere   3) some of the best acoustic music you'll ever hear!
"The GottaGetGon is just a little bit of Heaven"
Gotta Get Gon 99 May 
27-29, 2011

Saratoga County Fairgrounds
Ballston Spa, NY.
Camping available and encouraged
May 27 '11
(gate opens
Pot Luck Dinner
Share a meal with old or new friends ... enjoy the singing and picking and gathering 'til the wee hours. Bring something.
Special: a new generation folk concert in the evening (approx 8pm)
  Host: Matt Toomey;
performers: Satauna Howery, Blackwell Sinners

May 28,  2011
(see traffic note below)
10:25am - 5:00pm Concerts & Workshops
Sampler concert at 10:25am - Don't miss it. Don't be late.
There will also be a special brief awards presentation at the Sampler.
(see the 2011 Schedule of Concerts and Workshops Concerts and Workshops are during the day and Informal music and social stuff after dark.
8:00 pm -- Family, Country Dance 
     live band (John, Vonnie & friends), w/ caller (Deb Burger)

Camping Sunday,
May 29,  2011
11:00am - 4:00pm  Concerts and Workshops
*see the 2011 schedule
     and come back later for 2011 schedule updates

4:15 - 6:00    Open Stage
After Dark   A capella Sing - a special tradition

all weekend,
Music ...
and off

2011 schedule

*Check back later for
 2011 schedule updates

in GGG2011
Celeste Bernardo,
David Francey, the Honey Dewdrops,
The Buskers

   and more . . .

May 30, 2011

(Memorial Day)
Breaking Camp & "Hanging out"
(The Fairgrounds will close at 2:00pm, Monday)

Commute or camp at the fairgrounds. Bring lawn chairs or blankets to sit on.
All events are under cover (in buildings). Don't worry about rain. REALLY!


*** Special Traffic note ***
** On Saturday morning there is a parade in Ballston Spa. Route 50 may be closed, in town. 
We have prepared an alternate route to get to the Fairgrounds.
(use exit 12 off of the Northway, rt 87, from South or North)

2011 Gate Prices:

Adults (23yrs+) $50/weekend* $26/day
Students (19-22yrs) $25/weekend*  $15/day,  under 18 free with paying adult
Evening only: $5/night. 
You don't have to be a member of The Pickin' & Singin'  Gatherin' (PSG) to come to the GGG.

Pre-registration Discount Prices: (deadline: Monday May 16, 2011)

Adults (23yrs+) $45/weekend* $24/day
Students (19-22yrs) $23/weekend*  $13/day - younger kids free with an adult.
For a pre-registration form call  (518)674-8646 or (518)882 6809 - leave a message.
click here for an adobe acrobat format pre-reg form, Print it, fill out the information, and send it to the address indicated on the  FORM, with a check made out to "The Picking & Singing Gathering" or just "the PSG".  PLEASE include a self-addressed, stamped return envelope - for your badges. 
You don't have to be a member of PSG to come to the GGG, but we hope you will join; just indicate it on the form.

* Weekend rates include camping. (camper electrical hookup is extra - $30/night )
 For the Friday New Folks concert or Saturday Night Dance only, a $5 donation is requested. Younger folks under 15 free, with paying adult! What a deal!

For further Information send e-mail to Howie.  Volunteers are needed.

since 1970  we
"Gotta get to the country for a weekend of music and fun"
Come join in the fun. Bring an instrument if you play one. Bring your dancing feet and singing voice or just your warm body.
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  More schedule Information (just a sample of a prev year, come back later for 2011 info)

Directions to Saratoga County Fairgrounds in Ballston Spa NY

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